Monday, 29 June 2015

Some Cleansing Cares Of Ovens

We know that one day everything will be no more, we cannot prevent things of our daily use from logical ending, but we can do efforts to prolong their span of life. Among such items, ovens are must cooking appliance of every kitchen. Due to necessity of appliance in daily culinary purposes, we require uninterrupted output for longer time.

In order to avoid unnecessary appliance repairs take care of your oven. As caring starts with cleaning, so let’s peep some useful cleansing precautions that could help in restoring the condition of oven.

  • Usually ovens are used for baking and roasting, for cooking at such extensive level, it operates at 350 F or high temperatures. 
  • Technically, the inner surface of oven contains coating of catalytic mixture to minimize the high temperature. While cleaning the inside of oven, avoid scratching and scrubbing of coating film, as it get damaged easily and make functioning improper.
  • Prevent walls of oven from food spilling, as food deposits turns into hard glazing surface that eventually damages the oxidizing action of chemical. In order to avoid spilling of food, it’s advised to use utensils bigger than the food. Alternatively, you could spread foil or cookie sheet at the base of bottom rack to catch the food spills. While spreading foil it should be ensured that heavy foil isn’t blocking gas vents or touching electric oven’s heating element. If you want to learn about the usage of foil in your oven, then check the user manual of your own device, and follow the mentioned instructions.
  • Usually ovens have some predetermined amount of soil from cooking operations, when oven attains high temperature, a catalyst works to oxidize the soil.
  • The rough porous surface of oven takes out a greasy soil, it increases the contact of surface with the hot air. Oils and fatty acids are easy oxidizing, milk and cheese take nearly 475 F temperature, the spills of sugar are sticky, so inner surroundings of oven should be protected from the boiling of item like fruit pie.
  • After the occurrence of large spills, quickly remove the glazing effect to prevent the walls from food seals that blocks the oxidation of soil. Adopt following procedures of cleansing:
  • Clean the food spill with sponge or paper towel, when you find soil soft few minutes after usage. Be gentle don’t rub while cleaning the clogged particles.
  • Spray the cleansing solution or wipe-off cleaner on the soil area after complete cooling of oven. Scrub the porous surface with the brush with nylon net padding or bristle nylon brush, let the cleansing solution stay for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • After squeezing wet sponge, rinse the surface with cold water, then blot the moisture with paper towel so it wouldn’t seep into in the burner of gas oven. Repeat the whole cleansing process until you satisfactorily clean the residues by softening the soil.
  • If surface of oven has remaining of some soil, then turning on oven at 475 F for two hours, the continuous cleaning coating could oxidize the surface.

Note: Don’t spray cleaners on the surface of oven while it is heated, since it dries the solution leaving stains of chalk whose cleaning is also a tough job, so it should be ensured that oven has cool temperature and all residues are properly rinsed.

For gas and electric ovens, the cleansing precautions for each type are different. Be sure about the way of cleaning and rinsing. If not so, don’t restrain yourself for contacting appliance repair service, before making an expensive loss.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

3 Fallacies About Electric Appliances

How do you perceive about any of your electric appliance, do you consider it a supernatural device?
Care your appliance, before it doesn’t care you!

The biggest myth one can assume about electric appliances that they contain self-correcting mechanism and they can bear small insignificant errors. In fact, such misconception could ruin the working of your appliance, in worst case you could lose it due to a minor fallacy.

Here are three fallacies common among most of users:

Standby/Sleep Mode:
Most of the people perceive that any appliance in Standby mode don’t consume power, but fact is that all appliances consume electric power in standby mode whether it is negligible one. It should be noted that appliance in sleep mode also consumes little bit of power. For example, a microwave oven in idle state consumes 4 to 10 watts within an hour.

Risk Of Radioactivity In Microwave:
There is one the common myth about microwaves is that it emits harmful radiation. In fact, such perception seems impossible in case of microwave, because it has substantial protection to contain harmful radiations. Now it is only case for the exposure of radiation, when you place yourself inside oven during its concealed operation, which is an absurd thing.

Pre-Rinsing Of Dishes:
Pre-rinsing is widely discussed subject among dishwasher owners. Some people take firm standing about the working of dishwashers that dishes shouldn’t be cleaned before loading them in dishwasher. Some advanced appliance repair experts suggest that dishes shouldn’t be rinsed before loading, as oily substance on un-rinsed dishes controls alkaline level, which prevents inside from corrosion and damage.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Electric Dryer – major faults and their reasons

Every person seeks comfort in his/her life. For sake of this comfort, people purchase different appliances to improve their life standards. Appliances provide soothe in man’s life. Any disruption in the working of appliance can be a source of hassle for man of today. Most of the times, appliances don’t work properly. If you want your appliance performance not disrupted then you should follow tips for appliances.

ElectricDryer – Problems and its Possible Reasons

Electric dryer is the most common household appliance that is useful for dry clothes. Sometimes, dryer does not work proper; this disruption can be occurred due to some possible reasons:

Problem 1: If your dryer does not start then
Possible Reasons:
  • Make sure that dryer plugged firmly.
  • Check for a fuse or tripping circuit breaker.
  • Test door switch, start switch, safety fuse, thermostat, timer motor and outlet voltage.
Problem 2: If dryer tumbles, but there is no heat then
Possible Reasons:
  • Check for proper airflow, test the safety fuse, thermostat, centrifugal switch, timer motor and heating element.
Problem 3: If dryer takes too long time then
Possible Reasons:
  • Check the lint trap, proper airflow; test the heating element and thermostat.
  • Carefully inspect the vent hose for dips.
Problem 4: If dryer drum doesn’t tumble then
Possible Reasons:
  • Check the drum belt and idler pulley.
  • Test the motor.
Problem 5: If dryer gets overheat then
Possible Reasons:
  • Check the lint trap, proper airflow, thermostat and heating element.
Problem 6: If your dryer doesn’t not stops automatically then
Possible Reasons:
  • Test the timer motor, moisture sensor, thermostat and heating element.
Problem 7: If (operation of) dryer is noisy then
Possible Reasons:
  • Check the Level of dryer
  • Check the drum belts, drum support rollers, idler pulley, glides, drum bearings, blower and baffles.
Problem 8: When light doesn’t work then
Possible Reasons:
  • Replace the bulb and test the door switch
Problem 9: When dryer give clothes a bad odor then
Possible Reasons:
  • Check for proper airflow and remove the odor producing items from the proximity of dryer.
Problem 10: When clothes are damaged or stained then
Possible Reasons:
  • Check the baffles, front and rear seals for cracks.
  • Check the drum for rust.
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How To Select A Quality Appliance Repair Service

In our times, life is full of wonders and luxuries. Due to the availability of comforts, man of today can’t imagine to live life of man of previous decades.

One of the sources of comfort is appliances of modern age. Normally, we don’t bother about the way of usage of appliances, but we realize their importance after malfunctioning and expiry.

It happens in a way, when your garbage disposal doesn’t drains water properly, but when you take disposal device to repair service, they tells you that due to clogging of non-disposable stuff in drain appliance wasn’t working well. Extract of above explanation is that, if you take care about the usage and small fixes of any appliance of daily use, then you can avoid their malfunctioning that leads to big problems.

In spite of all the preventive measures, if your piece of equipment plays up, then locating an affordable repair service is also a big deal. You simply logon to your searching device and search region wise like appliance repair Islip, but it puzzles your wits. Since there may be many repair services in Islip, but you don’t know who is offering reasonable and reliable repair for particular appliance. Moreover, among variety of repair services, a point that may concern you is the capability of repair service. If you don’t know whether servicing company is capable to fix the problem or it will generate sub-problems in your appliance.

In such confusing situation, you must consider following aspects while looking for a quality repair service:

  • Consult your friends or social contacts, which have undergone respective repair of appliance, communicating them by means of reviews, feedback, testimonials and remarks will make your decision easier.
  • A repair service must own valid work permit to operate in your state i.e. a Nassau appliance repair service must own a valid license number issued by the state of Nassau.
  • The repair company must hold current insurance, it shows that conscious about business and takes good care of job.
  • Verify the length of repair company’s operation in the state and business reputation such as a company operating locally since many years is better than a newcomer.
  • Check the presence of the listing of business directories i.e. yellow page, Google maps, Yahoo local etc.

There are some other physiological factors, which might help you in judging the reputation of repairing company such as questioning about cost of service, asking name of technician, questioning about reputation of company etc.

Just for a tip, if you have option to get services of local Suffolk appliance repair company against business operating at multi-state level, then repair services at Suffolk would be better option because large company can bother to lose client but small can’t afford to lose client.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Functional Overview of Electric Dryer

Are you curious to know how your electric dryer works?
If it is so, then it is your chance to grab it. Electric dryer is one of the most common household appliances. Previously, there was no trend of washing clothes at home. People used to send clothes in laundry houses, but now by the addition of dryer machines, trend has been changed.

Parts & Working of Dryer
Dryer works by whirling of clothes, when air blows blowing air in the drum. While performing cleaning action, drum restrains the clothes from bunching as well as bounds of dryer. A dryer runs over various dry cycles, which individually comprise of two major components i.e. air temperature and time consumed.

An electric motor spins the drum clothes and turns on a fan called as blower. In an electric dryer, airflows from blower and then passes over a heating element, in this way it dries the wet clothes. Later, this air then passes through the drum and comes out through the ducts to the vent located outdoors. In gas dryers, the airflow from blower and passes over through a gas jet.

Before starting a dryer ensure that its door is closed, otherwise your dryer may not operate. After that, you press start button to enable the timer control. A timer control regulates the length of time for which dryer runs. For measurement of water vapors in the drum, time control & moisture sensor works together. Moisture sensor also measures water vapors in the drum to determine when clothes have dried.

In electric dryer, temperature selector is used to control the maximum temperature inside the drum with the help of thermostat. Thermostat regulates high and low level of temperature; moreover, a user can also control the level of heat inside the drum. When time cycle ends, a buzzer sounds to signal that cycle has ended and clothes are dried.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Easy Tips for Your Freezer Maintenance

Are you conscious about your freezer maintenance? Do you want uninterrupted performance of your appliance?

If your answer is yes, then this article provides you the solution of your problem. Mostly, appliance problem occur, when you use your appliance carelessly or follow wrong method of its use. If you don’t want to face the appliance’s problem, then follow the given guidelines for appliance maintenance.

Freezer Maintenance Tips

  • Always set temperature range between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If power fails then freezer can function properly for about 48 hours. Don’t open its door unnecessarily.
  • A full freezer is more efficient than a half-empty one, but it doesn’t mean that you overfill it.
  • During moving and storage, do keep your freezer upright.
  • Keep the ground clearance of freezer two inches from behind and six inches from top.
  • Don’t plug your freezer before 24 hours, when you have moved or shifted to a new spot.
  • To prevent from spoilage of food items, seals of freezer should be airtight.
  • Clean the freezer coils with a vacuum after every six months, it improves the efficiency also reduces operating cost.
  • Always try to buy a new freezer because a new appliance has reduced energy consumption.

Precautionary Measurements
Avoid these practices while using freezer:

  • Don’t overfill your freezer because extra load affects the proper working of your freezer.
  • Don’t break frost build-up in your freezer, because it may block the line for the passage of refrigerant.
  • Don’t change the standing position of your freezer because compressor oil may get trapped in compressor, which could interrupt its passage.
  • Don’t store your food items in freezer, when it is unplugged because some units require continuous power to ensure proper lubrication of compressor.

If you are unable to follow these tips then feel free to contact appliance guru.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Get optimal performance from Freezer

By the advancement of technology, a man of modern age can access all those facilities, which could be basic for his/her life. Among abundance of technologies, freezer is a most useful household appliance that can be found in every house. Technically, it is not difficult to repair freezer, but it is better to have know how to fix small faults of your appliance at your own to avoid expenditure of repair work.

How freezer works

The main purpose of freezer isn’t to cool food items, it removes heat from them. To understand about working of freezer, at least you should have idea about the laws of physics that governs it’s working. According to these laws, when gas enters from high-pressure area to a low-pressure area, its temperature drops. This process takes place in the form of continuous cycle.

Freezer is the combination of compressor and tubing system, and within these tube network refrigerant flows to perform cooling action. A Compressor has capability to pump the refrigerant, it compresses the refrigerant into gas, then this Gas flows through tubing system and then it passes through an expansion valve situated inside of freezer. When refrigerant or gas passes through the expansion valve, it drops both pressure and temperature. There is a fan installed inside the freezer that circulates air over chilled tubing system. The refrigerant absorbs heat from freezer, due to technical behavior heat sinks out rather than sinking in cold air in. Many People would have a lot of questions about this technical phenomenon, so it would be an interesting information, that if outside temperature of their freezer is too low, then their appliance will not perform cooling operation efficiently.

Appliance relies on outside warm temperature as difference in temperature makes appliance work. To make cooling work, appliance needs a warmer temperature outside as compared to inner temperature. For example, if your freezer is placed in garage during winter season, then it would be having very poor cooling.

When air in the freezer gets cool, then humidity that condenses the freeze into frost. No-frost Freezers installed with automatic defroster melts the frost build up. A defroster comprise of a heating element, controlled by defrost timer and thermostat. Later, melted frost drains out the water from freezer, and then accumulates into pan under freezer, afterwards it evaporates from pan in the form of vapors there. When temperature rises to a certain level then thermostat senses the rise in temperature and activates compressor. The temperature-controlling unit controls the temperature level. The door switch circuit of freezer remains close until door remains open it turns on the inner light. As door remains open, during this period freezer disables some of its components such as defroster heater, fan, and water dispenser.

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Eight Productive Tips for Your Microwave Oven

During these days, Microwave Oven is one of the most useful household appliances. It can also be used for commercial purposes, such as in hotels etc. Oven ensures hot food serving is always heated, therefore, if you want to take benefit  from the service of microwave oven for long run, then you must take proper care and maintain it periodically. Nowadays, by the advancement of technology, most of the professionals provide home appliance repair services for many top brands.

How to maintain the working conditions of your microwave:
Microwaves Ovens are available in small size as compared to the other household appliances. They have high voltage capacitors that stores thousands of volts of electricity, even after the microwave has been unplugged. Suggestively, prevention is better than the cure, so you are advised to make use of productive tips that maintains the good conditions of your electronic microwave. Therefore, if you want to get rid from the future problems of your appliance, then follow the tips given below:

  1. Don’t insert extra load inside your microwave more than capacity, if you put extra load more than recommended limit, then it can damage the turntable motor and magnetron, which heats the food.
  2. To prevent from food splashes, it is necessary that you put the cover on food container, when you heat the food in microwave. Food splashes can damage the paint and metal of the oven cabinet because they burn with heat and emit smoke, which is harmful for paint and metal of microwave oven.
  3. To prevent the body of appliance from corrosion and rust, you should keep clean the interior and exterior oven cabinet regularly.
  4. Before opening the door of oven, you must ensure that the timer is turned off, because sudden opening and closing of door can damage the internal safety fuse.
  5. Unplug microwave after use, because it has an electronic control panel, which displays digital measures. These electronic parts can get damage from rapid surge and fluctuations.
  6. Don’t run the empty microwave, when food is not inside cabinet. it may damage the magnetron when it runs in empty microwave, inside cabinet absorbs microwave energy, so it damages the inside surface of oven.
  7. Don’t use your appliance to boil the water, because when it heats the water, then water gets extremely hot more than the boiling conditions. It can be harmful for appliance as well as human life.
  8. Use only recommended utensils made from plastic, glass etc. Never use metal containers or aluminum foil; they react with the microwave radiations of equipment. Further, refer to user manual to know about utensil materials, which doesn’t react on radiation.

Despite of safety tips, if your microwave is not working properly, then you should contact to professional appliance repair. (Certainly,) Appliance Guru is a portal that provides solutions for your home as well as commercial appliances. If your appliance has a problem, then feel free to contact us. We offer affordable appliance repair services for top brands such as LG, Samsung etc.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How to Maintain the Safety of Your Refrigerator?

It is experienced that most of people don’t maintain household appliances. Nowadays, appliances are easily available in market, but their maintenance is a tough job as well as costly. Appliances are meant to provide soothe in human life. If you want to live a comfortable life, then you need to keep your appliances in good working conditions. After the end of warranty period, most of the companies offer affordable appliance repair services to their customers for sake of customer satisfaction, yet it is out of stock.

By the advancement of science, you can’t imagine to live without appliances. Among all electrical appliances, refrigerator is one of most important household appliance. As mentioned earlier that nowadays everyone owns a refrigerator, and if you want to take advantage in long run, then you must think about little maintenance of your refrigerator. One of the major maintenance that you can do is to clean your refrigerator regularly, there are coils of condenser, which often gets dirt, also need cleansing. When dust particles cover these coils or any other refrigerator components like compressor, it begins to insulate, in that case, it becomes difficult for the appliance to get rid of heat. Nowadays there are several types of refrigerators, which have covers over the coils, to protect them from dust particles, so you don’t need to worry about the dusting of coils.

As we know that all the fridges produce water as by product of so drain pane plays very important role in releasing it, as it continuously gets wet and dry and makes fluid to slid out and clean at once.  One important tip, if you buy a brand new refrigerator, then before plugging it, allow the refrigerant (the substance inside a refrigerator) to settle down for few hours. By doing so, the liquid gas in the compressor settles down before starting.

Appliance booklet is helpful in maintaining the good working condition of your appliance. Make sure, when you buy a new appliance, follow the precautions in the manual for optimal performance.

Appliance Guru is a company that provides solutions for your home as well as commercial appliances. If your appliance has a problem, then feel free to contact us. We offer quality repair services for top brands such as LG, Samsung etc.