Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 Useful Tips To Improve The Performance Of Refrigerator

Nowadays refrigerator is one of the widely used appliances of every home.

Since fridge has frequent usage on daily basis, so if it is not timely maintained, then it can run into issues like accumulation of dust in condenser coils, leakage of cool air due to lose grip of door gaskets etc., consequently refrigerator consumes more power to preserve your food. Ignorance about the maintenance of refrigerator eventually affects the performance as well as lifespan of domestic device.

If refrigerator gets cleaning and maintenance within regular period of time, then you can prevent yourself from the overhead of repair costs and high energy bills. Keeping this in mind, we are presenting you 5 simple maintenance tips to obtain optimal output from your fridge.

Check Refrigerator Door Seals:
If cool air seeps out due to lose seal, then fridge will consume more electrical power than its normal operation. In order to prevent fridge from doing so, you need to clean the seals of your fridge with the solution of baking soda and brush twice a year, so that food residues trapped in the seals could be cleaned. After cleaning, take a dollar bill test for seals, to perform this test take a bill or paper and place it half out in the door of refrigerator. If bill slips out easily, then you should contact appliance repair service to check the door seals.

Dry Clean The Condenser Coils:
When dust covers the outer layer of condenser coil, then it settles on the surface of coils in the form of soil deposits, which later reduces the cooling efficiency of refrigerator. To avoid dust on coils, clean it twice a year. To cleanse the coils, turn around the back of appliance so that coils become accessible for dry-clean. If grille of coils exists at the bottom of fridge, then detach it after unplugging refrigerator from power supply. Soon after the removal of grille, it should be cleaned with the brush attachment of vacuum.

Adjust The Temperature:
To obtain optimal output, maintain temperature refrigerator between 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and for freezer it should be 0 degree Fahrenheit.

Keep Refrigerator Filled:
To keep on operation, refrigerator requires a thermal mass or lots of stuff, these stuff maintain its low temperature. When you place cold food items and drinks in the refrigerator, they absorb the warm air that creeps in during the opened sessions of door. If you mostly eat outside or refrigerator has bigger accommodation than your use, then for advice you should remain it fill with few jugs of water, it will remain in working order.

Preserve Cooling:
If power breakdown frequently occur in your locality, then try not to open the door of refrigerator during those hours. It is observed that in the absentia of electricity, a refrigerator can preserve food safe for consecutive 4 hours, whereas freezer can preserve up to 48 hours on full load and 24 hours on half load.

If your refrigerator is not working properly or there is a problem with your fridge that you can’t diagnose, then contact Appliance Guru, which is the most affordable appliance repair service in your town.

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