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Electric Washers: 5 Major Faults With Their Solutions

Diagnosing small problems of washing machine at own often saves money as well as time, it further make us learn about the functions involving in the working of device. If you check for simple problems at your own and couldn’t trace it, then you should try to troubleshoot for general faults with the help of user manual. If manual doesn’t work for you, then it is advised to be check simple things with patience, you might be neglecting the fault due to urgency.

If you couldn’t detect or resolve the issue, then get help from advanced appliance repair service. Still it is not a big deal, if you couldn’t make it done, at least particular problem comes under your notice after getting it repaired from appliance service.

Reason for being outspoken about the general issues of front door washing machine is to provide assistance through guidelines. Based on generally reported problems & FAQs, so we are describing smart solutions for washing machine repairs, the good thing about these solutions will be that they will be equally viable for all the brands and models of front door washing machines.

Before getting involved in any matter of electrical power, be concerned about your safety first, even before getting started with minor repairs.

Here we are mentioning some of the major faults and solutions:

Fault 1 – Spinner Of Washing Machine Doesn’t Spins:
Relatively issues related with spinner can be easily resolved, as most of the faults are generally concerns about the usage of washing machine. Although some spinner problems are simple, but there is also possibility of big problems that can’t be single handedly resolved, so get such type of faults repaired from appliance service.

  1. Firstly, check about load that you trying to spin in machine, is it too small to spin? If it is so, check the load of machine. Latest washers includes balance sensors, they check about the amount of load loaded in machine, they stop the machine due to small load as spinner produces excessive vibration due to small load that can either damage cabinet, drum and bearing of washing machine. Check, if such issue is causing problem, put more load in it and try again. Note that spinner also stops working in case of heavy load, so also check for such aspect.
  2. If there isn’t either of situations, then check the drain system of washing machine. Mostly spinner doesn’t spin, if washer dryer has drainage problem. To solve such problem, check the fluff filter that clears the blockage of pump. Alternatively, disassemble the pump usually attached at the front or back of machine, check whether pump is not working due to wear & tear of carbon brushes of motor used in pump. When carbon brushes of motor wears down, it works poorly as compared to its normal operation. To solve this issue replace the pair of carbon brushes with new ones.

Fault 2 – Drain Doesn’t Work Properly:
It isn’t very much big issue to open the drain, problem could be if there is no emergency drainage facility in the machine. You can easily handle the issue by using gravity draining method. In this method, machine’s drain full of water drops down the hose into basin, in this way whole water drains out by the help of gravity.

Fault 3 – Drum Of Machine Is Stuck:
If drum of machine is stuck, then possibly it could be due to motor fault, motor belt, motor controller fault, worn carbon brushes. By fixing anyone of the relative problems, issue of drum jamming could be resolved easily.

Fault 4 – Noisy Operation Of Machine:
For noisy operation, there could be three reasons:

  1. Machine makes noise during operation, when object such as coin or any other item blocks the operation of drum, blockage of any item interrupts the operation of machine. Such objects could be easily removed in the machines containing removable drum paddles, but in fixed drum paddles types, obstructing object could be taken out from heater hole or sump hose hole.
  2. Another reason for noisy operation could be failure of bearings, problem could be settled by fixing the play that cause the drum in up/down position. The problem can be resolved by greasing the bearings properly.
  3. The third reason could be halt in drain pump due to clogging of any object, by clearing that object issue could be easily resolved.

Fault 5 – Bounce Of Washing Machine:
If washing machine has a bouncing operation i.e. it jolts during working, then check the base of machine where it is installed, further check the level of assembly and its transit straps are in good shape. Mostly in old machines bouncing occur due to concrete weights and shock absorbers hold the body of machine.

It is advised that don’t take repair in your hands until you have expertise or at least knowledge to do repair and necessary safety measures. Don’t worry, if your appliance doesn’t work for you, then Appliance Guru will work for your washing machine to make it fix in affordable cost.

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