Wednesday, 24 June 2015

3 Fallacies About Electric Appliances

How do you perceive about any of your electric appliance, do you consider it a supernatural device?
Care your appliance, before it doesn’t care you!

The biggest myth one can assume about electric appliances that they contain self-correcting mechanism and they can bear small insignificant errors. In fact, such misconception could ruin the working of your appliance, in worst case you could lose it due to a minor fallacy.

Here are three fallacies common among most of users:

Standby/Sleep Mode:
Most of the people perceive that any appliance in Standby mode don’t consume power, but fact is that all appliances consume electric power in standby mode whether it is negligible one. It should be noted that appliance in sleep mode also consumes little bit of power. For example, a microwave oven in idle state consumes 4 to 10 watts within an hour.

Risk Of Radioactivity In Microwave:
There is one the common myth about microwaves is that it emits harmful radiation. In fact, such perception seems impossible in case of microwave, because it has substantial protection to contain harmful radiations. Now it is only case for the exposure of radiation, when you place yourself inside oven during its concealed operation, which is an absurd thing.

Pre-Rinsing Of Dishes:
Pre-rinsing is widely discussed subject among dishwasher owners. Some people take firm standing about the working of dishwashers that dishes shouldn’t be cleaned before loading them in dishwasher. Some advanced appliance repair experts suggest that dishes shouldn’t be rinsed before loading, as oily substance on un-rinsed dishes controls alkaline level, which prevents inside from corrosion and damage.

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