Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Get optimal performance from Freezer

By the advancement of technology, a man of modern age can access all those facilities, which could be basic for his/her life. Among abundance of technologies, freezer is a most useful household appliance that can be found in every house. Technically, it is not difficult to repair freezer, but it is better to have know how to fix small faults of your appliance at your own to avoid expenditure of repair work.

How freezer works

The main purpose of freezer isn’t to cool food items, it removes heat from them. To understand about working of freezer, at least you should have idea about the laws of physics that governs it’s working. According to these laws, when gas enters from high-pressure area to a low-pressure area, its temperature drops. This process takes place in the form of continuous cycle.

Freezer is the combination of compressor and tubing system, and within these tube network refrigerant flows to perform cooling action. A Compressor has capability to pump the refrigerant, it compresses the refrigerant into gas, then this Gas flows through tubing system and then it passes through an expansion valve situated inside of freezer. When refrigerant or gas passes through the expansion valve, it drops both pressure and temperature. There is a fan installed inside the freezer that circulates air over chilled tubing system. The refrigerant absorbs heat from freezer, due to technical behavior heat sinks out rather than sinking in cold air in. Many People would have a lot of questions about this technical phenomenon, so it would be an interesting information, that if outside temperature of their freezer is too low, then their appliance will not perform cooling operation efficiently.

Appliance relies on outside warm temperature as difference in temperature makes appliance work. To make cooling work, appliance needs a warmer temperature outside as compared to inner temperature. For example, if your freezer is placed in garage during winter season, then it would be having very poor cooling.

When air in the freezer gets cool, then humidity that condenses the freeze into frost. No-frost Freezers installed with automatic defroster melts the frost build up. A defroster comprise of a heating element, controlled by defrost timer and thermostat. Later, melted frost drains out the water from freezer, and then accumulates into pan under freezer, afterwards it evaporates from pan in the form of vapors there. When temperature rises to a certain level then thermostat senses the rise in temperature and activates compressor. The temperature-controlling unit controls the temperature level. The door switch circuit of freezer remains close until door remains open it turns on the inner light. As door remains open, during this period freezer disables some of its components such as defroster heater, fan, and water dispenser.

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