Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Easy Tips for Your Freezer Maintenance

Are you conscious about your freezer maintenance? Do you want uninterrupted performance of your appliance?

If your answer is yes, then this article provides you the solution of your problem. Mostly, appliance problem occur, when you use your appliance carelessly or follow wrong method of its use. If you don’t want to face the appliance’s problem, then follow the given guidelines for appliance maintenance.

Freezer Maintenance Tips

  • Always set temperature range between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If power fails then freezer can function properly for about 48 hours. Don’t open its door unnecessarily.
  • A full freezer is more efficient than a half-empty one, but it doesn’t mean that you overfill it.
  • During moving and storage, do keep your freezer upright.
  • Keep the ground clearance of freezer two inches from behind and six inches from top.
  • Don’t plug your freezer before 24 hours, when you have moved or shifted to a new spot.
  • To prevent from spoilage of food items, seals of freezer should be airtight.
  • Clean the freezer coils with a vacuum after every six months, it improves the efficiency also reduces operating cost.
  • Always try to buy a new freezer because a new appliance has reduced energy consumption.

Precautionary Measurements
Avoid these practices while using freezer:

  • Don’t overfill your freezer because extra load affects the proper working of your freezer.
  • Don’t break frost build-up in your freezer, because it may block the line for the passage of refrigerant.
  • Don’t change the standing position of your freezer because compressor oil may get trapped in compressor, which could interrupt its passage.
  • Don’t store your food items in freezer, when it is unplugged because some units require continuous power to ensure proper lubrication of compressor.

If you are unable to follow these tips then feel free to contact appliance guru.

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