Thursday, 11 June 2015

Functional Overview of Electric Dryer

Are you curious to know how your electric dryer works?
If it is so, then it is your chance to grab it. Electric dryer is one of the most common household appliances. Previously, there was no trend of washing clothes at home. People used to send clothes in laundry houses, but now by the addition of dryer machines, trend has been changed.

Parts & Working of Dryer
Dryer works by whirling of clothes, when air blows blowing air in the drum. While performing cleaning action, drum restrains the clothes from bunching as well as bounds of dryer. A dryer runs over various dry cycles, which individually comprise of two major components i.e. air temperature and time consumed.

An electric motor spins the drum clothes and turns on a fan called as blower. In an electric dryer, airflows from blower and then passes over a heating element, in this way it dries the wet clothes. Later, this air then passes through the drum and comes out through the ducts to the vent located outdoors. In gas dryers, the airflow from blower and passes over through a gas jet.

Before starting a dryer ensure that its door is closed, otherwise your dryer may not operate. After that, you press start button to enable the timer control. A timer control regulates the length of time for which dryer runs. For measurement of water vapors in the drum, time control & moisture sensor works together. Moisture sensor also measures water vapors in the drum to determine when clothes have dried.

In electric dryer, temperature selector is used to control the maximum temperature inside the drum with the help of thermostat. Thermostat regulates high and low level of temperature; moreover, a user can also control the level of heat inside the drum. When time cycle ends, a buzzer sounds to signal that cycle has ended and clothes are dried.

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